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The First Week of Life of these Precious English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Willie and Reba's puppies are one week old today. I am excited to share the joy of these incredible English Cream Golden Retriever puppies. They are just the most precious little nuggets. It's hard to do anything other than love on them and watch them sleep. They were born on December 26th, and the kids gave each of them a name as they were born.

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Reba had Aubrey (Purple) at 1:49 pm, Starlight (Aqua) at 3:19 pm, Salt (White) at 4:18, Pinky (Pink) at 4:51 pm, Ruby (Red) at 5:20 pm, and finally Prints (Blue) at 6:30 pm. The delivery went smooth and Reba is a terrific momma! They have grown so much

in just this first week it is incredible! They went from being an average of 469 grams to an average of 1,013 grams. Their weight has more than doubled. I mean it's no surprise when all they do is either eat or sleep. It really has been such a joy catching all these first memories so their forever families can enjoy these moments as well. We pride ourselves in is going the extra mile and spoiling these pups as well as their future families. We also captured some adorable newborn photos when they were two days old. Check out how absolutely cuddly and sweet these little things are!

Finally, the most exciting thing we did during their first week is fill out their birth certificates. How many people get to take home birth certificates with their new puppies? I just loved putting their little paw prints on each certificate.

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